The Pinch of Poverty

I am poor and needy.
     —Psalm 40:17

This morning’s chilling headline declared: Death of Innocents!

The accompanying picture was haunting: starving children with tear-streaked cheeks, bloated bellies, and arms and legs like sticks.

Such deprivation is foreign to most of us . . . but emotional hunger may gnaw at us; a craving to be wanted, to be loved, to be at peace.

And hunger to be better than we are; a “hunger and thirst for righteousness.”

We know next to nothing about the pinch of economic poverty, but at times we feel the malnourishment of inner famine. King David had a boatload of money but confessed to being “poor and helpless.” Material prosperity doesn’t eliminate spiritual starvation.

Many are dying for want of a piece of bread . . .
and many for want of the peace of Christ.

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