My Will or His?

Have faith in God.
   —Mark 11:22

Jesus prefaced his mountain-moving-prayer message with four words: “Have faith in God.”

First, this means I must weigh my requests, aligning them with God’s will.

Am I wanting something I shouldn’t want? Am I wanting to do something I shouldn’t do? Am I wanting to justify something I shouldn’t justify?

The simple test: Can I take this to God and ask for his help without misgiving?

Second, it means seeking God’s guidance.

The mountain-into-the-sea statement cannot be interpreted to mean that no matter what I ask, if I pray hard and believe deeply, God is obligated to answer me positively. Divine resources cannot be exploited for selfish purposes.

I should not ask for heavenly help if all I want is approval of my will, not his.
(to be continued)

The purpose of prayer is not to change
God’s tune, but to get me in tune with God.

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