The Danger of Delay (5)

And now what are you waiting for?
                 —Acts 22:16

The late Paul Harvey spun a tale that ran something like this . . .

Satan dispatched three of his minions to earth. Their assignment was to talk people out of giving their lives to God.

He asked them how they would do it.

The first said, “I’ll tell them there is no God.” Satan said, “You’re not going to convince many of that.”

The second said, “I’ll tell them there is no heaven, there is no hell, this is all there is.” Satan said, “Not many will buy that.”

The third said, “I’ll tell them there is a heaven, there is a hell, and there is a God—and they should give their lives to him. But there’s no hurry.” Satan said, “That’ll work.”

Before you know it
a lifetime has gone by.

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