Don’t You Care? (2)

They took him along . . . in the boat.
                           —Mark 4:36

You’ve prayed for help, but received no answer. God seems unaware. Unconcerned. Asleep. His seeming indifference has you stressed out.

You could understand it if you were a bad person, but you’re not a bad person. You have committed your life to him. You thought that would bring an end to your troubles. But it hasn’t.

In fact, sometimes obedience is where trouble begins, rather than ends. Case in point: Jesus told his disciples to get into their boat and go across the lake. That put them in the path of a ferocious storm. They didn’t get in this gale because they disobeyed him, but because they obeyed him.

You have climbed into the boat with him, while the less-committed have staked out a spot under a beach umbrella. So you can’t understand why you’re drowning in this mess.

(to be continued)

Hang on when hanging on is your only option.

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