Think Before You Speak

This week let’s talk about words

Everyone should be quick
to listen, slow to speak.
    —James 1:19

Sometimes Roger seems obtuse, foggy. Actually, he’s razor-sharp. He just has a thoughtfully-reasoned response process: when asked a question he never allows his mouth to outrun his brain; never answers before thinking; always hits the pause button before speaking.

It’s hard to argue with silence.

Most of us have a few painful memories of times when we spoke too quickly: lashed out in anger, spewed ill-conceived advice, spoke without knowing all the facts, or spouted off when we didn’t know what we were talking about.

Words spoken in haste leave no room to seek the Lord’s counsel.

Cultivate the habit of delayed response. Don’t speak without first asking God’s guidance in saying what will be helpful and restraint in saying what will be hurtful.

Think all you speak,
but don’t speak all you think.

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