Jesus Won’t Give Up On You

Set your hope fully on
the grace to be given you.
        —1 Peter 1:13

Bible scholars are nearly unanimous in the belief that Mark’s gospel is a record of Peter’s preaching. If so, the source of the gospel account of Peter’s denial of Jesus was Peter himself.

We are more inclined to cover our sins than to confess them. Not Peter.

I can imagine him writing something like this in his journal . . .

I let my Lord down when he needed me most. I hurt him deeply. If there’s anyone he should have given up on, anyone he should have stopped believing in, anyone he should have stopped loving, anyone he should have refused to forgive, it would be me.

But he never gave up on me, never stopped believing in me, never stopped loving me. He forgave me and saved me.

And he will do the same for you.

Jesus will never give up on you.

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