He’s Calling Your Name

Go, tell his disciples and Peter.
                —Mark 16:7

When the sound of the rooster’s crow filled Peter’s ears, remorse filled Peter’s heart, and “he broke down and wept.”

Peter’s weekend was drenched in tears. On Friday, his Lord had gone to the cross carrying the grief of his denial. There was nothing Peter could do to right his wrong.

Then came Sunday. Women trudged to the tomb, where the angel told them, “He has risen . . . go, tell his disciples and Peter . . .”

The Lord singled out Peter—called his name. He wasn’t thinking of his apostasy, but of his agony; reaching out to comfort him, not censure him.

He is your Savior too—not looking to castigate and condemn, but to forgive and fortify. He knows your name and your need. Listen! He’s calling your name.

Don’t judge yourself by who you’ve
been, but by who you’re becoming.

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