Pause Before You Act

Love does no harm to its neighbor.
               —Romans 13:10

You’re facing a “Do I?” or “Don’t I?” decision. It may be about spending, temptation, habit, gratification, or dealing with a difficult person.

Put your finger on the pause button and measure what you’re thinking about doing by these questions before you pull the trigger . . .

Is this the right thing to do?
“Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ” (Phil 1:27 NRSV).

Is this a wise use of my time and resources?
“Teach us to use wisely all the time we have” (Ps 90:12 CEV).

Is this going to be something I will regret?
“Say ‘No’ to ungodliness and worldly passions . . . live self-controlled, upright and godly lives” (Ti 2:12).

Is this something my Father will approve?
“[L]ive the kind of life that honors and pleases the Lord in every way” (Col 1:10).

Be sure what you do lets you sleep
instead of keeping you awake.

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