Thy Will Be Done

[N]ot as I will, but as you will.
            —Matthew 26:39

Minister/author Dr. David Langford says the world needs more people like German cleric Benjamin Schmolcke.

Langford tells about Schmolcke’s church and home burning to the ground one evening while he and his wife had gone to pray with a sick friend. Their two young sons died in the fire.

Years later, Schmolcke was paralyzed by a stroke and became blind.

“[T]hrough it all,” writes Langford, “Schmolcke remained faithful to his God. Toward the end of his life, despite his great trouble, he was able to write these words”:

My Jesus, as Thou wilt!
Oh, may Thy will be mine.
Into Thy hand of love
I would my all resign;
Through sorrow, or through joy,
Conduct me as Thine own,
And help me still to say,
My Lord, Thy will be done.

We’ve taken a giant step of faith when we can whisper,
“Thy will be done,” while facing experiences that shake us.

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