You Stumbled . . . Now What?

We all stumble in many ways.
             —James 3:2

My song leader and I were perched on the front pew, ready to lead the congregation in song and sermon following communion, which was now being served from the platform seven steps up.

Our server, beginning his descent with trays of filled cups, tripped and lofted into a headfirst dive, zeroing in on two petrified parsons and a flock of front-rowers. Nothing damages dignity like taking a tumble in public.

Spiritual stumbles are worse. But stumbling is a stubborn fact of life. Have you ever taken a spiritual spill? Sure you have. You wish like crazy you hadn’t done what you did . . . but you did.

God has never used anyone who hasn’t stumbled, for “We all stumble in many ways” (Jas 3:2).

Nor has God ever used anyone who, after stumbling, didn’t get up and give it another go.

All of life you have left is in the future.
Don’t live it in the past.

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