The Missing Ingredient

I will strengthen you and
help you; I will uphold you.
        —Isaiah 41:10

Margie Warrell, author of Stop Playing It Safe, writes: “Using the latest brain imaging technologies, researchers have been able to prove that we human beings are neurologically wired to over-estimate the size of risks, under-estimate our ability to handle them, and downplay the costs of inaction.”

I’m not qualified to judge the accuracy of that assessment, but I am qualified to observe that a key ingredient is often missing in our evaluation of life’s risks: the promises of God.

He promises to deliver us in the day of trouble (Ps 50:15).
He promises to give strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak (Is 40:29).
He promises to answer our prayers (Mk 11:24).
He promises to meet all our needs (Phil 4:19).
He promises to give wisdom to those who ask for it (Jas 1:5).

God’s promises dwarf our problems.

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