Worry Won’t Share Space with Faith

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him.
                            —Psalm 37:5

Behavioral scientists assert that we see things that we’ve conditioned ourselves to see. If you’ve disciplined yourself to see God in control, that’s what you will see—and you’ll be pleasant company and sleep well. If you’ve conditioned yourself to see doom and gloom, that’s what you will see—and you’ll be unpleasant company and won’t sleep well.

Are you limping through life, worrying about everything from global warming to political corruption to catastrophic accidents to hangnails to you-name-it? If so, the uncomfortable truth is that this deadly cancer is poisoning your faith. It’s not incurable but can be fatal left untreated.

Fear and worry suck the oxygen out of faith. When worry takes up residence in the mind, it refuses to share the space with faith.

Faith and fear can’t exist in the
same space at the same time.

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