A Sure Cure for Worry

[D]o not worry about tomorrow.
               —Matthew 6:34

Bible scholar R.C.H. Lenski translated today’s text this way: “Do not worry into the morrow.” He explained that the Greek word (eis) means “into,” not “about”—thus, the text should read, “do not worry into tomorrow,” not, “do not worry about tomorrow.”

The usual interpretation is: defer worry today; deal with it tomorrow. Lenski argued that the text “bids us throw all our worries onto the morrow and thus go on without worry day after day.”

What did he mean? He meant that postponement until tomorrow is permanent postponement because tomorrow never comes; the minute tomorrow arrives, it becomes today, so shelving anxiety today and pushing it into tomorrow puts the final nail in the coffin of worry.

Refuse to worry until tomorrow, and you will never worry because it will always be today.

There is no tomorrow.

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