Jesus’ Family Tree

A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ.
                    —Matthew 1:1

In the first seventeen verses of the Gospel of Matthew, we’re introduced to representatives of more than forty generations of Jesus’ ancestors, spanning roughly 2,000 years.

Some were heroes and well-known: Abraham, Ruth, David.
Some were ordinary and unknown: Hezron, Ram, Abiud.
Some were good: Hezekiah, Josiah.
Some were bad: Ahaz, Manasseh.
Some were of shady reputation: Tamar, Rahab.

Check out the list—you’ll find Jews and Gentiles, males and females, saints and sinners.

God used people of every ilk to bring his Son into the world: heroes and heels; moral giants and shady ladies; the renowned and the obscure.

He still uses all sorts of people to accomplish his work in the world.

Step up. You’re needed.

Being the center of attention
isn’t the only way to matter.

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