Keep Your Wants in Check

[A] man’s life does not consist
in the abundance of his possessions.
                    —Luke 12:15

Years ago an American company was experiencing unacceptable turnover of employees in their assembly plant in Panama. Most of the workers had lived there all their lives, in what had always been a barter economy. This was the first time they’d been paid in currency. After the first payday, they had more cash than they’d ever seen—so they quit working until it was gone.

Company executives came up with a sly solution: they gave all employees a Sears catalog. Right away workers saw lots of things they wanted—so they stayed on the job.

We have a whopping wish-list. US consumers spent a record-breaking $5 billion online on Black Friday this year; in-store spending hit nearly $70 billion. My local newspaper weighed in at several pounds—mostly ads for stuff.

Can’t keep from wondering how collection plates scored the following Sunday.

Don’t let your wants
outrun your generosity.

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