A Visit with the King

If anyone . . . opens the door, I will come in.
                 —Revelation 3:20

Want to see the president? You’re going to have to go through his tough-as-a-marine Chief of Staff.

Want an audience with the CEO of General Motors? You’re going to have to go through her razorblades-for-breakfast Executive Assistant.

Want to visit the minister of a big church? You’re going to have to go through a hard-as-nails secretary.

Every big shot has a gatekeeper.

But you have total access to the King of the universe. Any time. Any place.

In the kitchen? He has his elbows on your table.

In the workplace? He’s in the adjoining cubicle.

On the freeway? He’s riding shotgun.

No red tape. No protocol. Just say the word, and he’ll come to your place; He makes house calls.

You don’t have to make an
appointment to talk to God.

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