Come to Him

Come to me . . . I will give you rest.
            —Matthew 11:28

Uncompromising commitment to your spouse simplifies your life: “Dos” and “Don’ts” are on auto-pilot; no need to chart “For” and “Against” columns.

Likewise, when you commit to Jesus, life is simplified. You’re no longer faced with lists of “Do This” and “Don’t Do This.” Single-minded allegiance to him brings your will into harmony with his.

Tired of bearing the burden of guilt? You’re just one decision away from relief. “Come to me,” he said, and “I will give you rest.” That doesn’t mean he’ll tuck you in, hold your hand, and sing you to sleep.

It means he will give you rest from your anxieties; rest from your guilt; rest from your fears. Jesus beats Prozac.

Jesus doesn’t come to give you answers;
he comes because he is the answer.

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