Measuring Our Faith

[W]ithout faith it is impossible to please God.
                         —Hebrews 11:6

Here are three stunning stories of faith.


Abraham rises early in the morning to begin the trek to Moriah, where he will obey God’s command to sacrifice his only son (Gn 22; Heb 11:17–19). It’s a faith beyond our comprehension.


Job loses his possessions, his children, his health—everything except his faith. Oswald Chambers wrote: “The highest and greatest expression of faith in the whole Bible is—‘Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him’ (Job 13:15).”


Jesus, in Gethsemane, is “overwhelmed with sorrow.” Three times he prays for deliverance. With more than 72,000 rescue-angels at his disposal, he opts for faith over fighting (Mt 26:36–45).

Three breathtaking accounts of faith by which to measure our own.

The strength of faith is unknown until tested.

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