Contaminated by Contention

[W]atch out for those who cause divisions . . .
Keep away from them.
   —Romans 16:17

Sooner or later nearly every church is contaminated by contention. Like cancer, it infiltrates furtively at first. But eventually, it metastasizes and permeates the body, resulting in severely depleted strength. Or death.

The apostle Paul exhorted Christians to encourage one another, build each other up, love one another. He was following up on Jesus’ instruction: “As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples . . .” (Jn 13:34–35).

Satan’s most effective tactic for destroying a church is to infiltrate it with those who are divisive. He chooses intruders carefully: they are often persuasive, charismatic, invariably wearing a mask of love.

And they are toxic!

The person “who stirs up trouble among brothers” is detestable to God (Prv 6:16, 19).

Avoid the divisive person.
Don’t bathe in dirty water.

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