Thank You Note

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
—Psalm 107:1

Early this morning I gazed for several minutes at a portrait of my late father. Today would have been his 112th birthday. I stood there thinking about him and thanking God for him. I owe him much . . . and much to my heavenly Father for granting me the love of my earthly one.

This morning’s reflection moved me to alter my routine prayer pattern. There are specific people I pray for every morning, but I didn’t this morning. Instead, I sent a thank you note—a prayer of thanks—to God for their parents.

May I suggest that you do the same today? Lift a prayer of gratitude to the Father for the parents—living or deceased—of those who mean much to you.

Except for the parents of your loved ones and friends,
you wouldn’t have your loved ones and friends.

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