Your Storm Shelter

What kind of man is this?
Even the winds and the waves obey him.
                  —Matthew 8:27

“A mature hurricane is by far the most powerful event on earth,” writes Sebastian Junger, in The Perfect Storm. “The combined nuclear arsenals of the United States and the former Soviet Union don’t contain enough energy to keep a hurricane going for one day. A typical hurricane encompasses a million cubic miles of atmosphere and could provide all the electric power needed by the United States for three or four years.”

Are you facing into the wild winds of a personal storm that seems equally powerful and devastating?

Like the names of hurricanes (Ike, Harvey, Irma), your storm may be one word: Divorce. Cancer. Grief.

The only way to survive it is also one word: Jesus. In him you will receive mercy and find grace to help in your time of need (Heb 4:16).

The storm may be stronger than you,
but Jesus is stronger than the storm.

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