Build Your Life in a Safe Place

The rain came down, the streams rose
. . . and beat against that house.”
       —Matthew 7:27

Hundreds of thousands of Houston-area residents have built or bought homes in floodplains. Some weren’t warned about the risk by officials or builders. Others knew the danger and moved in anyhow.

In the backwash of Hurricane Harvey, more than 200,000 homes were damaged, many beyond repair. Some citizens are rebuilding on the same property, despite having flooded three years in a row. Go figure.

Jesus is no double-dealing developer. He drives us through the neighborhoods, pointing out where it’s safe to build, and where it’s not. Those who listen to him and follow his advice have nothing to fear when a storm strikes. He calls them wise. Those who ignore him are just one storm away from catastrophe. He calls them foolish (Mt 7:24-27).

Be wise when choosing your cul-de-sac.

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