Conquer Your Mountain

He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
            —Isaiah 40:29

Dashrath Manjhi’s wife died because he was unable to get her the medical care she needed in time.

Manjhi—who became known as “Mountain Man”—spent twenty-two years after his wife’s death carving a road through the mountain that isolated his rural village in Bihar, India, from medical facilities. His single-handed, refuse-to-quit work reduced the travel distance from fifty miles to only two.

Is there a mountain between you and your desired destination? Or one that needs to be conquered for the benefit of others?

Team up with God. What is too hard for you is not too hard for him. He can remove your mountain—or help you find a way through it, over it, or around it.

Don’t give up too easily or too quickly. There is a way to conquer your mountain.

Winners win because they
refuse to quit until they do.

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