The Power of Influence (1)

A student is not above his teacher.
         —Matthew 10:24

John Glenn: astronaut and four-term U.S. Senator.

American flags were flown at half-staff for nine days following John Glenn’s death on December 8, 2016.

His history of accomplishment is on display at Ohio State University’s John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

One panel of the exhibit features Glenn’s high school civics teacher, Harford Steele, citing the prof as the person who taught him the importance of public service—in Glenn’s words, “igniting a fire in me that never did go out.”

Flags weren’t lowered when Harford Steele died, but his influence caused them to descend all over the world when John Glenn died.

Your influence touches someone, whose influence touches someone, whose influence touches someone . . . in other words, your influence has no end point.

A statistic you will never know is
how many people your life will influence.

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