It’s Not Me

Each of you has received a
gift to use to serve others.
     —1 Peter 4:10

You pulled it from the clothes rack; then put it back. Picked another one . . . and another. “Hmm, this one’s nice.” Another . . . and another. Then back to Hmm. Another.  And back to Hmm. You snagged it and headed to the dressing room. Tried it on. Looked in the mirror. “It’s nice,” you said to yourself, “but it’s not me.”

Your preferences and talents are yours alone. That’s because you’re custom-made; there’s no one else like you. That’s God’s doing, so you’re okay just the way you are.

Some areas of church work are out of your comfort zone; not a fit. “It’s not me.” Nothing wrong with that.

Find your fit. “Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others,” wrote Peter. Then added: “Be good servants of God’s various gifts of grace.”

Make the most of what you do best.

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