Your Prayers Matter

Continue steadfastly in prayer.
        —Colossians 4:2

“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of,” wrote Alfred Tennyson.

The apostle Paul opened his letter to the Ephesians by saying that he was praying for them (1:16) and closed it by asking them to pray for him (6:19).

He was asking these sisters and brothers to join in his ministry; to be as much a part of it as he was; to see it as much theirs as his.

Do you ever feel unimportant; that you have little to offer? If so, in light of Paul’s appeal, denounce that feeling. Your prayers are essential to the successful ministry of your church and other good works you support.

There are no unimportant players or prayers. People in the pews are as crucial to the success of God’s work as the parson at the podium.

When you pray, you put it in God’s hands. No one,
no matter how talented, can tap into greater power than that.

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