Grow Up

Grow in the grace and
knowledge of our Lord.
    —2 Peter 3:18

A line from the apostle Peter’s first letter runs: “Get rid of all malicious behavior and deceit. . . . Be done with hypocrisy and jealousy and backstabbing” (1 Pt 2:1).

He must have been writing to some bad dudes.

Not so fast.

Earlier in that letter he called them God’s chosen people (1 Pt 1:1); cleansed by the blood of Jesus (1:2); God’s children (1:14); born again (1:23).

First, he assured them of their salvation—then counseled them to abandon their toxic practices. Bad habits aren’t washed away in the baptistry; a new life begins there, but growth doesn’t end there.

Don’t doubt your salvation because you messed up. Chip away at destructive attitudes, language, and behavior. You’ll become more and more like Jesus as you grow (2 Cor 3:18).

We don’t change to be saved,
but because we are saved.

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