You Did It to Me

When you did it to . . . my brothers
and sisters, you were doing it to me.
               —Matthew 25:40

Our service to Jesus is judged by how we treat his little brothers and sisters. When we see their need and fill it, he says, “You did it to me.” His ruling?—“Take your inheritance—the kingdom reserved for you.”

When we ignore their need, he says, “You did not do it to me.” His ruling?—“Depart from me.” These were not condemned for doing something bad, but for failing to do something good. It wasn’t what they did but what they didn’t do that doomed them.

We won’t be judged by the knowledge we have acquired, the fame we have achieved, or the fortune we have amassed, but by the help we have given.

The greatest is not the celebrity but the servant.

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