What God Wants from Us

Live a life worthy of the
calling you have received.
    —Ephesians 4:1

Micah chapter 6 opens with the prophet confronting Israel as the voice of God. I saved you from slavery and delivered you from danger. What have I ever done to cause you to turn from me? (vv. 3–5).

Convicted of their sin, they wanted to know what to do to make things right: “What can we bring to the Lord to make up for what we’ve done?” Will thousands of burnt offerings satisfy him? Or the sacrifice of our babies? (vv. 6–7).

No, none of that, said the prophet. What he wanted from them—and from us—is simply stated: he wants us “to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with [our] God” (v. 8). Justice; Mercy; Humility.

God doesn’t want your goat.
He wants your heart.

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