Jubilee in Seattle

Love your neighbor as yourself.
          —Mark 12:31

For renters, a notice from the landlord slipped under the door is unsettling. But for tenants of the Lunde Apartments in Seattle, it was an unexpected gift.

Owners Kory Slastthaug and his wife Mickey decided to give everyone in the eleven-unit building a month’s free rent. No catch. Just skip the rent in November.

They were motivated by the scripture about the year of Jubilee in Leviticus 25, which ordered that slaves be freed and debts canceled every fifty years. November 2018, marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Lunde Apartments.

Kory said he thought it would be “a good way to honor both my heavenly father and my earthly father,” who originally built the apartments.

Do something nice for someone today. C’mon, you can think of something.

People aren’t helped by what you think
about doing; only by what you actually do.

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