Make This a Happy Day

There is nothing better for people than
to be happy and to enjoy themselves as long as they live.
—Ecclesiastes 3:12

Canadian broadcaster Robert Blondin toured numerous countries, asking 600 people of diverse cultures one question: “What makes people happy?”

The three highest ranking answers were: controlling one’s attitude, being thankful, and doing good.

Here are a half-dozen things you can do to make this a happy day:

1. Pinpoint a blessing that you’ve been taking for granted. Think about how much it means and thank God for it

.2. Take ownership of your attitude. Embrace the day with a smile; eliminate the scowl.

3. Be kind and considerate, even when others aren’t.

4. Do something nice for someone, without expectation of thanks.

5. Refuse entrance to thoughts about a painful past.

6. Be positive and cheerful all day.

Have a good day, my friend.

You can’t assign your happiness to
someone else; it’s an inside job.

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