Look for the Lovely

Look at the lilies . . . Solomon in all his glory
was not dressed as beautifully as they are.
                        —Luke 12:27

I was miffed; someone littered my landscape with a discarded garbage bag.

Actually, it polluted no more than one percent of the view framed by my window. The other ninety-nine percent was kaleidoscopic artistry: hundreds of flowers displaying a burst of multicolored beauty; trees, grass, and shrubs painting the scenery in several shades of green. And all I saw was a miniscule patch of eye-blight.

Everyone liked your sermon; except one chronic critic. Everyone complimented your dress; except one sartorially-challenged carper. We tend to remember and fret over the one.

Even with God, our minds often drift to the negative: the one problem he hasn’t resolved, rather than the many he has.

Today have eyes only for the beauty he has created in your world and have thoughts only for the good he has done in your life.

Nothing can control your attitude
without your permission.

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