Come to the Cross

We have seen his glory, the glory
of the only Son of the Father.
       —John 1:14

The scenes on the mountain of transfiguration and at the hill of crucifixion are in stark contrast.

On the mountain, Jesus was revealed in glory; on the hill of crucifixion, he was held in contempt and killed.

On the mountain, his face shined like the sun; on the hill, his face was bruised and bloody.

On the mountain, he was flanked by Moses and Elijah, two of the greatest; on the hill, he was flanked by bandits, two of the worst.

On the mountain, a bright cloud enveloped them; on the hill, they were plunged into three hours of total darkness.

On the mountain, God’s voice declared his love for his Son; on the hill, God was silent.

We, too, will see his glory (Jn 17:24). But before we come to the glory, we must come to the Cross.

Jesus experienced the gore of the Cross
so we could experience the glory of heaven.

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