Eternal Life is Real

Whoever believes in him shall not
perish but have eternal life.
        —John 3:16

I believe that Jesus is the resurrection and the life and that those who believe in him, even though they die, will live again (Jn 11:25).

In Daniel Silva’s novel, The Other Woman, Alistair Hughes, an American falsely accused of spying, is murdered. At the gravesite, his colleague Arthur Seymour approaches Alistair’s widow, Milinda, to offer his condolence. She requests a word in private, and as they walk among the headstones she asks, “Are you a believer?”

“I am not,” admits Seymour.

“Nor am I,” Milinda says. “But at this moment, I wish I were. Is this how it ends? Is there really nothing more?”

I believe there is much more—an eternal life where there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain (Rv 21:4).

Earth is just a stopover on our way home.

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