Look Around This Sunday

Look around me and see.
No one cares about me.
   —Psalm 142:4

The Sunday following Sarah’s funeral—acute myeloid leukemia—Jim, her young husband, perched on their usual pew. Miss Melissa, a grandmotherly saint, made her way down the aisle and sat next to him. She never said a word but held his hand for the next hour.

Same church. Alex’s son was off the rails. “I pray for you every day,” a church brother told him. “I’ve never had to deal with a prodigal child. My kids pretty much played by the rules, but it wasn’t because of anything I did. Kids make their own choices.” “His compassion,” said Alex, “was a gift from God.”

Look around this Sunday. Real people with real problems: cancer; wayward children; financial nightmares. Some you know about, some you don’t. Pray for both. If appropriate, do something or say something.

Knowing someone notices and cares
makes the burden lighter and the day brighter.

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