Our Advantage

The word of God is alive and active.
                    —Hebrews 4:12

Do you think Abraham had an advantage over us because God spoke personally to him?

Don’t forget that Abraham lived through long periods of silence. When Jehovah told him he would make him into a great nation, he was seventy-five, but God didn’t get that ball rolling until the birth of Isaac when Abraham was 100.

The advantage is ours, not his. You and I have a Bible within easy reach. We can hear from God every day through the Word. Abraham didn’t have that privilege.

We have promises like this in print: “When you are tempted, he will also give you a way to escape” (1 Cor 10:13). God builds exit ramps for us. I wonder if Abraham knew that.

God does amazing things for us every day. His grace and guidance are constant companions.

Your Bible talks to you about you.

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