You’re Where You Are for a Reason

He had to go through Samaria.
          —John 4:4

The shortest route from Judea to Galilee went through Samaria. But because of their fierce hatred of Samaritans, Jews shunned that short cut, even though the detour took twice as long. On his way to Galilee, John 4:4 curiously says of Jesus, “He had to go through Samaria.”

There he sat, at Jacob’s well—waiting and watching. His disciples had gone into Sychar to buy food; a Samaritan woman had come out of Sychar to draw water. Jesus was waiting and watching for her—and blessed her in a way she had never dreamed possible.

Sometimes you go to God’s work; sometimes God brings his work to you. His divinely appointed schedule may have put you right where you are for a reason. Wait and watch.

The best shot you’ll get
may be the one where you are.

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