Born-Again Birth Certificate

Unless you are born again, you can
never see the Kingdom of God.
                 —John 3:3

I presided at two funerals where several people smiled perceptively as they passed the caskets.

The first was for a man whose job had sent him flying the friendly skies most days of the week. Someone had placed an airline ticket folder in his hand.

The second was for a lady who had for years sneaked mints to her grandkids. One of them had slipped a roll of LifeSavers in her hand.

I can think of another item that would have been appropriate in their hands—a born-again birth certificate, for both celebrated salvation as their greatest gift.

Sir James Simpson became famous for his discovery of the anesthetic uses of chloroform. When asked, late in life, what he regarded as his greatest discovery, he answered, “That Jesus Christ is my Saviour.”

Frame it in your mind if not on your wall:
I’ve been born again. Hallelujah!

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