He Ain’t Heavy

Look not only to your own interests,
but also to the interests of others.
             —Philippians 2:4

I suppose you’ve heard the story about a boy who was carrying a polio-afflicted youngster wearing heavy leg braces. A passerby commented that he was lugging quite a load. The boy said, “He ain’t heavy, mister, he’s m’ brother.”

We all need someone to help us navigate tough times. And we all need to help others carry their baggage.

In Romans 16, the apostle Paul cites some people who had helped him over patches of rough roads: he commends Phoebe, who had been a help to him and many others; sends a howdy to co-workers Priscilla and Aquila; gives a tender greeting to the mother of Rufus, who had been like a mother to him too; posts a thumbs-up to Gaius, whose hospitality he had enjoyed.

Someone needs you.

You can’t help everyone,
but you can help someone.

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