One Hundred Percent Righteous

He is able to save completely those
who come to God through him.
            —Hebrews 7:25

Training Magazine cited research by Natalie Gabel, noting that if 99.9% were an acceptable level of performance, 2,000,000 documents would be lost by the IRS and 20,000 drug prescriptions would be filled incorrectly per year, 22,000 checks would be deducted from the wrong bank accounts per hour, and 107 medical procedures would be botched per day.

Justification is an act of God by which he declares believing sinners righteous. He doesn’t make us righteous; he declares us righteous. How righteous? One hundred percent righteous. At 99.9% we would be almost—but not quite—righteous; almost—but not quite—saved.

When Jesus breathed his last breath, he said, “It is finished.” Not 99.9% finished; 100% finished!

“Since we have been declared righteous . . . we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom 5:1).

Jesus became what we were so that
we might be declared what we weren’t.

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