A Third Choice

It is more blessed to give than to receive
                        —Acts 20:35

British historian and author, Paul Johnson, asked a wealthy colleague the reason for his obvious misery. “In the last two years,” said his depressed friend, “the value of my assets has fallen by half a billion dollars.”

Even though he remained enormously rich, he wallowed in the poor-me pain of his loss.

Johnson observed, “As people who acquire riches quickly discover, once you are well-fed, clothed and housed, you have to either spend your money on competitive ostentation—or save it. Either choice brings problems and worries.”

I would argue that saving or ostentations spending aren’t the only options. A third alternative is giving. Few succeed at achieving the virtue of liberality—but those who do, discover happiness that eludes those who don’t.

Be remembered for your
generosity, not your greed.

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