Heaven Stayed Silent

Let God save him, if he wants to.
           —Matthew 27:43

The religious leaders mocked Jesus as he hung on the cross (Mt. 27:41–43). “He trusted God,” they said, “so let God save him if he wants to.”

Heaven stayed silent.

Jesus said he could ask his Father, and he would dispatch more than twelve legions of angels—over 72,000—to rescue him. But Jesus didn’t ask for the angels, and his Father didn’t send them.

For our sake, both Father and Son rejected rescue.

“He saved others, but he can’t save himself,” the scoffers sneered. They spoke the truth without realizing it—if he was to save others, he couldn’t save himself.

They said they would believe he was the Son of God if he came down from the cross. We believe he is the Son of God because he didn’t come down from the cross.

Nails didn’t keep Jesus
on the cross. Love did.

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