Here Lies Laura

Be happy that your names
are written in heaven.
      —Luke 10:20

Laura Brooks feels fine—but she’s dead: digitally dead, that is. Someone at the Social Security Administration accidentally hit the delete key and zapped her. Laura is dead as a hammer according to the S.S.A.

She has company among the tombstones in that graveyard, all buried there by an errant keystroke at the S.S.A. mortuary. Some of the thousands of still-breathing victims have spent as long as eighteen years trying to prove they’re still alive.

Having your name on the Social Security list is important—but insignificant compared to having it in “the Lamb’s book of life” (Rv 21:27).

There’s only one copy of that book, and it’s in a tamper-proof heavenly vault. You don’t need to worry about someone tapping the delete key and snuffing your name.

Jesus paid your premium and
wrote your name in his Book of Life.

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