When He Calls Your Name

A time is coming when all who
are in their graves will hear his voice.
—John 5:28

I wonder what Mary Magdalene was thinking that Sunday morning as she trudged the garden path in the predawn darkness to the tomb where Jesus had been buried.

She didn’t have the slightest hope of seeing him alive again. When she saw the stone rolled away from the tomb’s entrance, she assumed that someone had taken his body—so she stood there weeping.

Sensing a presence, she turned and saw Jesus—but didn’t recognize him . . . until he said her name . . .


“Rabboni!” she cried.

One day he will call your name. You will recognize his voice, and rise to live forever (Jn 5:24–29).

The sweetest sound you’ll ever hear
will be his voice when he calls your name.

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