God Made Me Do It

God left them and let
them go their sinful way.
     —Romans 1:24

Flip Wilson’s signature line, “The devil made me do it,” was catchy comedy.

In real life, however, flippantly passing off misbehavior by blaming old Scratch doesn’t move the needle on the laugh meter. You lied to your spouse? Or filched a pen from office inventory? The devil made you do it.

There’s a new game in town: “God made me do it.” The poster boy for this blame game is a high profile politician whose counter to critics is, “If you have a problem with my homosexuality, your feud is not with me—your quarrel is with my creator.” God made me like this.

The men of Sodom paid a hefty price for doing what this guy says God made them do. You can read about it in Genesis 19.

Romans 1:24–27 is still in the Bible.

Don’t blame God for bad behavior.

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