Treasures in Your Bible

I will not neglect your word.
       —Psalm 119:16

Dear Abby told about a boy in a wealthy family who expected to receive his dream car as a graduation gift.

Instead, his father gave him a gift-wrapped box, in which he found a Bible. Angrily throwing it down, he stormed out of the house, left home, and the two remained forever estranged.

After his father’s death years later, the young man was perusing items in his dad’s office when he came across that Bible. He picked it up, fanned its pages, and a check fluttered to the desk—dated the day of his graduation; it was for the exact price of the car he had expected to receive.

You’re not likely to find a check in your Bible. But if you were to, it would be among the least of the treasures you’ll find in that grand Book.

Your Bible reveals treasures
greater than your dreams.

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