As You Think, So You Act

As he thinks within himself, so is he.
                 —Proverbs 23:7

Every church has had, now has, or will have a pessimist in its leadership. Thankfully—at least where I’ve been—optimists are in the majority.

I was soapboxing about pessimists in a Leadership Seminar several years ago, when a guy interrupted, “Some of us are realists!” A brother approached me at the end of the session and said, “That guy’s the fly in the ointment in our church; he’s against everything.” My experience has been that pessimists never see themselves as pessimists.

The way you think is the thermostat that regulates the way you act. Think negatively, and you’ll be miserable and act negatively. Think positively, and you’ll be happy and act positively.

Keep a tight rein on your thinking; it determines how you feel and how you act.

No grand idea was ever born in a committee,
but a lot of grand ideas have died there.

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