Encourage Someone

The right word at the right time
is like precious gold set in silver.
              —Proverbs 25:11

Cassandra Warren wrote the wrong address on a wedding invitation. It came back to her with this handwritten note: “I wish I knew you—this is going to be a blast. Congratulations—go have dinner on me.” A $20 bill was enclosed.

Cassandra had no idea who the mystery note-writer was. But it came at a time when she was overwhelmed with the details of planning her wedding.

She wrote the incorrect address on another envelope—this time on purpose—and addressed it to “Kind Stranger.”

“Thank you for the note and taking the time to send it,” she wrote. “Not many would have done that. I am thankful that people like you are still in the world.”

And I’m thankful, dear reader, that people like you are still in the world.

You can’t encourage everyone,
but you can encourage someone.

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