Let Love Reign

Dear friends, let us love one another.
                          —1 John 4:7

“Back in my legalistic days,” he began.” He spent the next several minutes branding his present position as “progressive”—labeling his past as legalistic, narrow, sectarian, and mean; then several more minutes taking a swipe at those who are not as enlightened as he.

I’m sorry that he was legalistic, narrow, sectarian—and especially that he was mean. However, that doesn’t prove that everyone in that camp was, or is.

I have friendly relationships with people I disagree with—some to the right of me and some to the left. I think they’re wrong, but I don’t dislike them. They think I’m wrong, but I don’t think they dislike me.

Do you have your Bible handy? Thumb over and read 1 John 4:7–21.

Love is the validation of discipleship.
It’s as simple—and as difficult—as that.

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