Contentment Killer Number Three: Entitlement

Let the peace of Christ rule
in your hearts . . . And be thankful.
             —Colossians 3:15

A feeling of entitlement—another cousin of Greed and Envy—is a third major obstacle to contentment.

The feeling of entitlement is the sentiment that you deserve special treatment; that the world owes you easy-street. It’s the epitome of self-centeredness.

The “Greatest Generation”—of which my father was a part—had an enormous sense of responsibility and almost no feeling of entitlement; they didn’t think the world owed them anything. It has been sliding the opposite direction ever since—later generations exhibiting a large sense of entitlement and minimal feeling of responsibility.

If we can develop a sense of gratitude, feelings of entitlement will fade. The wall is high and hard to climb, but well worth the effort. I’ve never known an ungrateful person who was content. Have you?

To blame your circumstances is to
deny your responsibility.

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